Drupchen Bushfire Warning

Dear friends,

As you likely know, Australia is suffering from devastating bushfires. There have been episodes of extreme heat and hazardous air quality that can be injurious to health.

We have consulted with a senior representative from the NSW Rural Fire Service in relation to the proposed drupchen event, and they have at this stage not raised any concerns requiring us to cancel or re-organise the events in February.

However, conditions can also change suddenly and unpredictably from one day to the next due to wind shifts, lightning strikes, and tinder dry conditions resulting from the region’s three-year drought.

It is therefore our duty to warn you that events currently planned may be changed at short notice. Also, if you suffer from respiratory or related ailments, you will need to assess your risks closely prior to coming to the events in February.

To assist you in staying closely updated with the bushfire and air-quality risks in the locale of the Aloka Meditation Centre, the two links below are very helpful:

  1. Fires Near Me– this site is provided by the NSW Rural Fire Service (updated frequently throughout the day) and allows you to search for “Peats Ridge” or “Central Coast” where Aloka Meditation Centre is situated.
  1. Current and forecast air quality– this site is provided by the NSW Government where the Air Quality Index (AQI) readings are updated hourly. Click on “Central Coast” (Wyong) area where Peats Ridge is situated.

As noted, the position in relation to the above can change suddenly and the above links will allow you to stay updated. We will of course continue to closely monitor the situation, including through direct discussions with the NSW Rural Fire Service. Lastly, we wish to also advise that the marquee for the drupchen will be air-conditioned.


Aloka Meditation Centre