Drupchen Parking Instructions


**Please be advised that parking at Melton is closed due to heavy rains. Please park outside of Aloka instead on Ross Road**

Important Note: As we are relying on the kindness of our neighbour to allow participants to park on their property, we greatly appreciate your consideration to strictly follow the rules and guidelines set out below.  Aloka has agreed these strict conditions with our neighbour so that we are able to accommodate parking for the large number of participants.


Address and access to the parking area

1703 Peats Ridge Road (“Melton”)

Peats Ridge

NSW 2250


Please type this address into your GPS/Google Maps etc. Note that you will not be able to drive into Aloka’s property (50 Ross Road), unless you have specially pre-arranged with us for the limited number of parking spots reserved for our disabled/elderly guests.


Once you enter 1703 Peats Ridge Road, please only park in Field 3 (see map below). Do not park in Fields 1 and 2 which is private property and strictly out of bounds.


Parking volunteers will be on site before and after the events to guide you, including directions via a footbridge to Aloka’s property. 



Parking rules

  • To minimise disruption on our neighbour’s property, the carpark will strictly only open one hour before the start time and close one hour after the finish time of the events, except as stated otherwise directly below. Once the car park is closed, you will not be able to move your car until the next day.
  • On the first day of the Drupchen (Saturday 1 Feb), the car park will open at 7.30am. Please do not arrive before then as the car park will be locked and you will not have a place to park.
  • For those who are pre-registering on Friday 31 January, the car park will be open only during the pre-registration period (ie 1-4pm).
  • We request that you do not move your car during the day whilst the event is on. This is to minimise disruption on the neighbour’s property. The access road is also very narrow and one-way only.
  • Peats Ridge Road near the property is a 100 km/hr zone so please take extreme care when entering and exiting the property and check for oncoming cars. 
  • Please keep noise to an absolute minimum (including music/radio from your cars).
  • Follow the signs and guidance from the parking volunteers to directly access or exit Aloka’s property, and do not otherwise wander or loiter (or chat) on the neighbour’s property when arriving or leaving.
  • Drive slowly when on the neighbour’s property. 
  • Do not leave any rubbish or any other remnants on the neighbour’s property.
  • Strictly no smoking or lighting any fires (candles or incense etc).
  • If you sign up for one of the night mantra chanting sessions, there will be alternative parking arrangements (not on the neighbour’s property). This will be provided to you when you sign up for the session.
  • Bring a torch / flashlight for when you are on site before sunrise and/or after sunset.