FAQs: Drupchen and Ushnishavijaya Puja



What do I do if I’m no longer coming? 

As many of you are aware, places for this event were highly sought after which led to an extensive waitlist which we have been managing. If you are no longer able to come to the Drupchen and/or the Puja, then please make every effort to release your ticket(s) at the earliest. All released tickets will be re-allocated to those on the waitlist. Rest in the knowledge that your released ticket will be making someone on the waitlist extremely happy!

You can cancel your ticket(s) by pressing the “view and manage your order online” link to your Eventbrite order confirmation, then press “cancel order.” If you’re looking to cancel your registration to both events, then please ensure you follow this instruction for both orders.

Alternatively you can email us on cpndrupchen@gmail.com to inform us of the events(s) you wish to cancel.


How do I donate? 

Donation methods are outlined here.


How do I get to Aloka Meditation Centre? 

Unfortunately there is no public transport to Aloka, nor any organised transport. You will need to make your own arrangements to and from Aloka.

Car parking is very limited onsite, and therefore we ask that you carpool as much as possible. To assist with this, we have setup a Facebook group here for the purpose of connecting participants who require assistance with transport to and from Aloka and accommodation during the event. To access this group, you will need a Facebook account. If you don’t have one, please sign up for a free account.

Further information on parking, including a detailed map, will be provided closer to the event.


What should I do about meals during the event(s)?

Given that Aloka is in a remote area, and the likely schedule of the event will not allow for too much free time for the lunch period, we have been working hard to select food vendors who will be onsite during the event.

As Aloka is a vegetarian-only centre, all meals will be vegetarian, with vegan and gluten-free options also available. You can of course also bring your own lunch. This is recommended especially if you have strict dietary requirements or food allergies.

To assist the vendors with how much food to prepare each day (and to minimise wastage), all meals will need to be ordered and prepaid in advance. Please do not assume that you will be able to buy lunch on the day, without pre-ordering. Further details of the food vendor pre-order arrangements will be provided closer to the event.

Please note that you will need to make your own breakfast and dinner arrangements.