About Aloka

To kindle the light of wisdom within, walk the Noble Path, and be of service to humanity

 ALOKA ~ The light of wisdom

Like a lamp that illuminates the darkness, by kindling wisdom in our own hearts we can inspire others to do the same. As we develop greater inner peace and contentment, we can also benefit those around us and the world at large.

 The Australian Buddhist Mission Inc. (ABM) was established in 1986 to support Venerable Mahinda’s efforts to promote the knowledge, practice and realisation of the Buddha’s teachings (the Dhamma) in Australia.  Since its establishment, ABM has endeavoured to make the Dhamma accessible not only to the Buddhist community but also to the wider Australian community.

ABM conducts a variety of activities at Aloka, including meditation retreats, Dhamma sessions, workshops and annual events such as Vesak.

It is our wish that the light of wisdom may shine in the hearts of many.